Design At Scale for
the web3 World

web3 is here and it is creating an internet where platforms and apps are built and owned by users. Rapid innovations are visible in almost every industry, but design thinking has been an after-thought, which has created a poor user experience in many web3 applications.


Seamless web3 experiences
for your users

The way brands interact with consumers is changing with
the introduction of web3. Rich interactive experiences powered by blockchain and the metaverse will change customer expectations on brand experience.

To drive adoption, design teams need to focus on bringing the principles of great UX/UI over to web3. Tuncarp is making this a reality.


Metaverse strategy

The metaverse is an interconnected network of virtual worlds that provide a new way to interact with others, immerse yourself in new experiences, and unlock new opportunities in commerce, entertainment, and communication.

We help brands define a strategy to enable and engage users across all Web 3.0 design elements including apps and AR/VR.


web3 brand strategy

Creating trust is key to the success of web3 products and services. Our approach is not just limited to providing actionable insights, but goes beyond to encompass all aspects of building a successful web3 presence.

Our team works closely with you to define your brand values, goals, and target audience, and then utilizes this information to craft a tailored web3 strategy that meets your specific needs.


Crypto UX & DeFi UX

At Tuncarp, we believe in making the adoption of web3 products and services effortless and accessible for users. We make things simple by creating seamless journeys across web3 products with a user-centered design approach, considering the needs and preferences of your target audience at every stage of the design process.

Design web3 experiences