We can help you find the right design talent for your clients.

There is a global shortage of UX/UI talent, but we have just the solution. Tuncarp has a team of talented and capable designers, ready to start work at a moment’s notice. A stop gap solution whilst you find a permanent placement.
Short-term contracts
Revenue share

We are solving the designer shortage

Tuncarp acts as your behind-the-scenes design partner delivering design and digital products that are quality and affordable.​

Designer talent has never been so sought after. ​A competitive job market makes finding designers a nightmare.​

Staffing crunch

Flexible staffing

We can shape a team based on client needs to get the blend of people​

Clients often need projects to start with little time built in for ramp-up or staffing. We have people ready to go.

Client lead time

It's your team

We provide a dedicated POC with 100% allocated designers ready to go with minimum lead time. No mix n match​.

Designing for different technology stacks can create confusion especially​ with an increasingly diverse tech​ ecosystem.​​

Design for different tech

Up to date expertise

Our people are up to date with the latest skills necessary for modern design challenges.

Partners or vendors that look after design, content or build need a lot of notice to mobilise their team and start working. ​

Partner lead time

We work fast

We deliver at speed with agile and optimised design ops based on client needs at any time.

Freelancers and partners have raised their rates which puts pressure on design team budgets.​

High rates, low margins

Low cost

Our global team means that we can offer significantly lower rates than UK/US/SG based companies​

Freelance solutions for your clients

Clients often need candidates at a moment's notice. We can help with freelance designers to bridge the gap during the hiring process.

There is a high demand for designers and it’s hard to come by talent with the right skill set for the job.

Staffing crunch

Clients often need projects to start immediately
leaving little time to build the right team.

Short lead time

Freelancers and design agencies have raised their rates, putting pressure on client budgets. 

High rates,
low margins

Fewer candidates can mean reduced placement fees or other recruitment consultants may beat you to it.

placement fees

Expert outsourced designers

Tuncarp designers are agency-bred with expert skills fit for all types of design.

Flexible and capable

We have a team of designers ready to work with your clients with just 1-2 days' notice.

design work

Competitive rates against both freelance and agency rates in markets such as Singapore, the UK and Australia.

Revenue share

You just make the referral and we will give you a share of the revenue. It's basically the same as a placement fee.

Get SystemFlow

Freelance staffing made easy

Whether you’re struggling to find the right design candidate or your client is only looking
for a short-term solution, Tuncarp can lend a helping hand.

01. The right people

We can shape up a team with the right skillset based on what your client needs.

02. We just need a referral

You make the referral and we will handle the proposal and contracting. Additionally, our monthly reporting will allow you to track the progress of the revenue share.

03. Expert quality work

We have top quality agency trained designers, who always deliver high quality work.

04. Flexible contracts

We can provide short or long-term staffing solutions so we can provide a flexible solution until you can find the right permanent candidate for your client.


Real results, happy clients

Making clients happy is our main goal. Check out what our clients have to say about their experience working with Tuncarp.

The Tuncarp team did a fantastic job with our company's new website! Working under a tight deadline they delivered an exceptional site!

Chris Watson, CEO at FORE Management

A computer monitor screen displaying a professional golf event management website.

Bring your vision to life with a Tuncarp team

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